Leaves & Working Remotely 


As of  Tuesday, 24 March 2020,  working hours are set for 10.00-16.00, lunch break is set for 12.30-13.00 and personnel shuttle departure time is set for 16.05.


As for the the decision by Council of Higher Education, dated 13 March 2020:

·      Those who are 60 years of age and above, except for the President, Deputy Chairman, members of the executive board, Chairman and members of the Higher Education Supervisory Board, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Head of Department, Press and Public Relations Consultant and Legal Counsel, and  those who are on legal breast-feeding leave, disabled employees, disadvantaged groups determined by the Ministry of Health (those with immune problems, cancer patients, chronic respiratory patients, obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular patients, organ transplant patients, chronic patients) will be on leave for twelve days starting from 16 March 2020.

·      The annual leave demands of female academic and administrative staff with children in preschool and primary education shall be met and compassionate leaves for those who do not have the right to annual leave shall be used, and the annual leave demands of other academic and administrative staff shall be considered in accordance with the legal regulations.

·      Public officials abroad are deemed to have administrative leave for the part of the period of isolation at home for 14 days following the date of return to the country. The mentioned personnel are required to provide information to the ITU Coordination Desk e-mail addresses (the country they returned from, their return dates, their address, contact information, current health status ... etc.).