Meetings & Events


·      • As for the the decision by the Council of Higher Education, dated 13 March 2020; Education and training activities, academic exchange programs, social and cultural activities, sports competitions, all international activities (including those already planned) with a wide range of academic or administrative staff or student participation have been canceled until a second announcement.

·      All kinds of congresses, symposiums and meetings, social / cultural events and sports activities and student club events have been suspended at ITU Campuses for 3 weeks. Plus, technical trips have been suspended for a period of three weeks.


·      Mustafa Inan Central Library and all faculty libraries will be closed for the use of our students. The closing hour of Mustafa Inan Central Library is set for 16:30 starting from March 17, 2020.

·      As of 16 March 2020, the return dates of the publications have been extended until a second announcement.


All ITU Sports Facilities are closed for use. (Stadium, Indoor Swimming Pools, Wellness Center, Indoor Sports Halls and Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Courts, astro pitches, etc.)