İTÜ as a research university finds its main resource for knowledge in its libraries. We are constantly developing our printed and electronic resources for in depth research, creating a user friendly atmosphere for students & academics,.

İTÜ maintains a central library (Mustafa İnan Library) and 6 other libraries in various locations. Our central library is open 7/24. The other libraries are:

-Ratıp Berker Library - Gümüşsuyu Campus - Faculty of Mechanics
-Architecture Library - Taşkışla Campus - Faculty of Architecture
-Management Library - Maçka Campus - Faculty of Management
-Foreign Languages Library - Maçka Campus
-Advanced Musical Research Library - Maçka Campus
-Maritime Library - Tuzla Campus - Faculty of Maritime

İTÜ libraries contain 500.000 printed books & journals, 450.000 Graduate & PhD. Thesis, 40.000 e-books, 54 database access, 6000  rare books. 

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