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İTÜ radio was founded in 1945. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Santur, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan Ataman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tahsin Saya installed a radio antenna on the rooftop of Gümüşsuyu Building with their student assistants. The year when it was established owing to classical music broadcasts made with 200-watt transmitter through short waves from 42 meters -from  47 meters in the later years-, it was being listened in short time all over the country by crossing frontiers and extended all the way to Europe and to Australia.

Opening theme song of the radio was the piece “Rondo Alla Turca” better known as “Turkish March ”by very famous composer “Mozart” . The letters came one after another from radio audiences, created an exciting atmosphere at İTÜ.  All the letters were answered one by one for years.  Newsletters of the program were sent to audience first weekly and then monthly. 


After a while in addition to Classic Music, Turkish Classical Music took place two days a week. There was a broadcast of concerts of such names Arif Sami Toker, Safiye Ayla, Münir Nureddin Selçuk, Zeki Müren and in return, these beloved musicians of Turkish Music gave their records as gift to İTÜ Radio. 

During following years, records from major concert halls in İstanbul started to be broadcasted, as well as basketball and football matches.

The first concert "Great Guys" of  the season 1953-54 was performed by Suna Kan and Idil Biret at  Municipal Casino in Taksim. Trough İTÜ Radio’s broadcast  these recitals were widely listened. 

Sports fans had requested even broadcast of football and basketball matches between Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe from İTÜ Radio. İTÜ Radio had gained a large and loyal audiencein shor time besides it became competitive with TRT İstanbul and Ankara radios.

İTÜ Radio moved to Taşkışla Campus in 1957 and to Maçka in 1963. It received a great number of donations such records and tapes from the world's major record companies, embassies, culture centers.

Since its foundation, İTÜ Radio served as a laboratory for assistant students.  Large part of the studio equipment are the products of students diploma thesis studies.

However, given the radio and TV monopoly rights in the country to TRT by the Law, both regular broadcasts by İTÜ Radio and regular were put an end, until 1980 it maintained its broadcast by its own structure at intervals. 29 October 1995 it restarted regular broadcasting at Ayazağa Campus.    However, due to the legal regulations in the direction of universities as institutions not being able to broadcast, satellite broadcasting ended in April 1999.

The Most Listened University Radio

Internet broadcasting that started out in 1998, still goes on its broadcasing as being a web-based  radio though three different channels such “Rock, Classic Music and Jazz-Blues”. According to Tune in Mobil applications, 3 of İTÜ channels are listened at most on the internet over 5 university raidos.