Secretarial General consists of units connected to Secretary General and to Assistants of Secretary General. As being Secretary General, he/she leads the organization and takes in charge as answerable to Rector. Secretarial General within the structure of our University, enables efficient  operation of administrative organization.



Secretarial General

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sait Yazgan

Assistants of General Secretary

Aydan Büyükturgay

Aylin Elbay

Asst. Prof. Dr. Serdar Bilgi

Directorate of Strategy Development

İlhami Bulat

Directorate of Construction and Technical Works

Sis Alkan

Directorate of Personnel Department

Emine Çalışkan 

Directorate of Library and Documentation

Göknur Aslan

Directorate of Registrar Office 

Yıldız Büyükçolak

Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Halil İbrahim Güngör

Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports

Zeki Şimşek

Directorate of IT Department

A. Cüneyd Tantuğ

Directorate of Revolving Funds Management

Ahmet Dönmez

Directorate of Editorial Office

Ebru Sarp

Directorate of External Affairs and Information 

Didem Yücel 

Directorate of Archive

Nilden Yiğit