Having been founded in 1773 with the name “Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun” (Imperial School of Naval Engineering) during the reign of Mustafa III, Istanbul Technical University is a prominent and pioneering university of engineering and architecture with many innovative studies in science, technology, research and development. The references of Istanbul Technical University are the international standards in science and ITU as an institution is determined to accomplish its mission and vision with its dedicated academic and administrative staff. 

1773- ITU was founded

Istanbul Teknik Universitesi

1795 - Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded.

1847 -  Faculty of Architecture was founded
1934 - Faculty of Mechanics and Electric was founded.

Gumussuyu 1945
1944 -  Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanics and Electrical-Electronics Engineering Departments were founded 

1952- ITU Student Union was founded 
1952- ITU TV was founded

1953- ITU Sports Club was founded.
1953- Faculty of Mines was founded.
1961- Nuclear Institute of Energy was founded.
1963- Faculty of Chemistry-Metallurgy was founded.
1970- Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was founded.
1977- Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded.
1979- ITU TRİGA Mark-II Teaching and Research Reactor was activated 

18 Mayıs 1985 - Enka Tarafından yaptırılarn yurt binasının temel atma töreni (Turgut Özal)1980- Control and Computer Engineering Department was founded.
1981- ITU moved to Ayazağa Campus. 

7 Haziran 1984 - İTÜ Günü
1981- Ceramics Research Institute was founded. 
1982- İstanbul Turkish Music Conservatory was included in ITU. 

1982- Faculty of Sciences and Letters was founded. 
1983- Faculty of Management was founded. 
1992- Maritime Faculty was founded. 
1997- Compulsory English Preparatory Class was opened and in faculties, 30% of all classes had to be taken from English sections. 
2004- Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design was founded 
2009- The first cubical satellite of Turkey, ITUpSAT1 was launched.
2010- Turkey’s first electric-powered minibus was manufactured. 
2010- Turkey’s most efficient technopark, ITU Arı Teknokent was opened. 
2011- 100% English programs were introduced. 
2011- Turkey’s first hydrogen-powered boat “Martı” was manufactured.
2012- Turkey’s first self-made helicopter “ARIKOPTER” was manufactured.
2012- Turkey’s first Autonomous car “Oto-Mobil” was manufactured.