​Faculty of Architecture

In order to train civil architects and engineers Hendese-i Mülkiye Mektebi was founded in 1884. Afterwards, it was renamed as Mühendis-i Ali and later it was restructured as Yüksek Mühendis Mektebi. With the law on universities dated 1944, it was transformed into Faculty of Architecture in the scope of İstanbul Technical University. Ranked among one of the most important and rooted institutions, it contributes to İTÜ’s “research university” identity within its undergraduate and graduate programmes.




It aims to train architects who can be creative, environmentally-conscious, carry out studies correlated with technology, fine arts, human-social sciences and philosophy. It also intends to educate the architects who are interested in social and individual prosperity with a historical mindset, as well as with ethical and esthetics values.

Urban and Regional Planning

It is intended for students to comprehend the importance of lifelong learning, to gain sufficient infrastructure planning. This purpose is supported within integrated, continuous and constructive relations established with national and international planning schools.

Industrial Design

Its objective is to train graduates  who play holistic role in the process of product development,  have vocational skills beyond the ones provided by  traditional design education,  acquire skills and knowledge about engineering, technology, business/management and marketing

Interior Achitects

Interior architects, who are environmentally-conscious, capable of integrating theoretical knowledge and experiences into the field of application, are being trained.

Landscape Architecture

It aims to train the graduates, who are able to design and practise in a wide range of open area plannings from building scale to city, region, country scales.

​Prof. Dr. Mehmet Murat GÜL - Dean

"İTÜ Faculty of Architecture is the oldest and institutional education center where our country’s most successful architects in this field in Turkey, were trained. It won’t be wrong to describe our faculty as “the flagship of Turkey’s architecture”. We are proud of being a part of a faculty with its identity of  real research university with the number of its undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.”

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