Faculty of Arts and Sciences 
ITU Faculty of Arts and Sciences was founded by renaming the Basic Sciences Faculty. Our faculty aims to become a domestically and globally appreciated education and research institution, training young researchers who advance the future of the world; leading innovative, competitive and interdisciplinary studies. 


Mathematical Engineering

Department of Mathematical Engineering focuses on education and research on theoretical and applied mathematics, mathematical solution of the problems in engineering and economics. Graduates have the title of “mathematical engineer”.

Physics Engineering

The department aims to train engineers who are equipped with all the theoretical knowledge of physics and who struggle to find solutions to the problems encountered in daily life. 


This department was founded to train chemists who contribute to the scientific field of chemistry, work in laboratories for new product syntheses and methods, develop methods to solve the problems in production by doing the quality control of all raw materials and final products in all branches of industry. 

Molecular Biology and Genetics

The department aims to train experts in molecular biology, genetics and bio-/nano-biotechnology. 

Prof. Dr. Neşe Özdemir - Dean 

"ITU Faculty of Arts and Sciences is an institution offering undergraduate and graduate education in basic and applied sciences, having domestically and internationally qualifications appreciated qualifications, training young researchers who create the knowledge that shapes our country’s and the world’s future, and participating in interdisciplinary studies."
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