Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
The most important purpose of the faculty is to train engineers who have a firm basis in

Chemical, Metallurgy-Materials, Food and Bioengineering, and have a professional and ethical sense of responsibility, who can design and solve engineering problems, use oral and written communication effectively and who understand the utmost significance of learning continuously. The Faculty of

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering also aims to conduct scientific and applied research in advanced technologies and interdisciplinary engineering, as well as training graduate students who wish to do so. Overall, our goal is to become the international focal point of the leading studies in chemistry, metallurgy, food and bioengineering through our industrial projects and services. 


Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering offers institutional and applied education on subjects such as the application of the findings of Physics, Chemistry and Biology; the design process of facilities that produce chemicals and studies on inspection and advancement. 

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a field of science that focuses firstly on the production (from minerals and scrap), purification, alloying, shaping, protection and preservation of metals and alloys; secondly, the properties, composition, production type, performance of materials and the important relationship between these and finally, the environmental worries and responsibilities during the production/use cycle. 

Food Engineering

The primary mission of the Department of Food Engineering is to train engineers with appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure the production and maintenance of safe, healthy and high quality food in all the steps from the primary assembly up to the consumer’s dinner table as well as the design, production and sustainable operation of economic systems. 

Prof. Dr. Beraat ÖZÇELİK  - Dean

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