Faculty of Civil Engineering

ITU Civil Engineering’s history dates back to its founding as Humbarahane in 1727 in period of Damat İbrahim Pasha.  Education of engineering branches regarding civil engineering started in 1795 in Mühendishane-i Berri-i Hümayun founded by a reformist law legislated by Selim III. Along with Marine Engineering, this institution continued to educate until 1808. In 1941, it was renamed as High Engineering School, in 1944 as Istanbul Technical University and was divided into 4 faculties including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering , and Architecture.


Civil Engineering

To educate engineers who produce information for the benefit of society by designing, analyzing, applying, checking structure systems as well as evaluating the results in line with the global needs, based on synthesis of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge.

Geomatics Engineering

To educate engineers competent at generating topographical and thematic maps, creating geographical information systems,  determining continental movements,  regulating rural and urban lands, preparing substructures of all investments and engineering services, making  four-dimensional measurements of earth, demonstrating maps and models.

Environmental Engineering

To educate engineers capable of defining and evaluating complicated problems in the fields of ecological sciences and engineering, finding solutions to these problems and carrying out all these into professional life.

Prof. Dr. Ünal Aldemir - Dean

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