Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“Electrics Unit” was renamed as Electrics Faculty when the Higher Engineering School was restructured as Istanbul Technical University. In 1983, the faculty gained its current name. 

The faculty, educating its students in the field of electrical and electronic engineering with innovative and creative programs, continues to raise academic and technological leaders and leads the way in transforming knowledge to technology in order to conduct target-oriented research and benefit humanity.


Electrical Engineering 

Focusing on subjects such as smart networks, electrical devices, and renewable energy, our department aims to meet the engineer demands of the industry, as it gains more importance day by day.  

Control Engineering 

The department aims to train engineers who produce the knowledge and technologies that enable the electrical, electronic, mechanic and similar computer based industrial systems to work as intended. 

Electronics & Communication Engineering 
The department aims to train engineers dealing with processing, transferring, receiving and storing the information such as data, audio and video; designing the electronic settings and systems; antenna and electromagnetic field and wave theories and applications; physics and production technologies of semiconductor electronic units and having the knowledge and scientific formation   to keep up with the constantly advancing electronic and telecommunication technologies. 

Prof. Dr. Şahin Serhat Şeker - Dean

"Our goal is to become a globally appreciated institution in electrical-electronic engineering education, research and technology development. Our faculty is the place where Education, Research and Information Is Transformed Into Products. "

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