Faculty of Mines

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Mines was opened on 1 March 1953. With the founding faculty members who were educated in Germany, it was the first time in Turkey that a Mining Engineering education was given, and it was in Istanbul Technical University.


Mining Engineering

The objective is to train mining engineers who respect work safety, ethical values and the environment during the processes carried out in order to fulfil the raw material demands of several sectors of the industry.

Geological Engineering

Our primary aim is to train engineers who can evaluate the processes of searching, finding, operating, improving the quality of natural resources and the related problems with a scope of the environment and engineering; and who can contribute to the process of the establishment of basic engineering structures.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

The key target of the department is to train engineers who can teach about and conduct research on the drilling, determining reserves, production, modeling, transportation, storing and retail processes petroleum, natural gas and geothermal energy. Also, our other concerns are to give our students well established perspectives on political and legal issues such as health, preservation, environmental protection and the relevant cultural atmosphere.

Geophysical Engineering

Geophysics is a branch of earth sciences investigating the physical processes and phenomena occurring in the earth by combining physics, mathematics and geology. Specifically, some of the areas geophysical engineering deals with are
1) Exploration of coal, oil, gas and geothermal energy resources as well as groundwater and mineral deposits,
2) Assessment of earthquake hazards such as strong ground shaking, landslides and liquefaction,
3) Investigation of subsurface for engineering structures,
4) Investigation of archeological sites and
5) Imaging of the subsurface for environmental hazards.

Mineral Processing Engineering

Briefly, mineral and coal processing means the steps of making the produced natural resources available for several fields such as metallurgy, iron and steel, glass, ceramics, cement, detergent, construction and paint industries and energy production.

Prof. Dr. Cengiz KUZU - Dean 

For more info: http://www.mines.itu.edu.tr