Faculty of Management

Faculty members who used to offer classes in economics, management and law founded Management Engineering Faculty in 1977. 

When all the institutions in Turkish higher education went under great changes in 1982, the name of the faculty was changed to Faculty of Management by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and Department of Management Engineering was merged with Industrial Engineering which had been under Mechanical Engineering Program up to that date. 


Management Engineering

ITU Management Engineering aims to train competitive engineers who can lead the adaptation process of companies. 

Industrial Engineering

The department aims to train engineers to develop systems, models and methods to analyse, organize, maintain and advance the systems in the industrial and service sectors which consist of components such as human, machine, material and knowledge. 


The Department of Economics at ITU plays a central role in channeling ITU’s vast technical expertise of 240 years to micro- and macroeconomic policy-making. To achieve this goal, the Department employs in its teaching and research activities a multidisciplinary approach including joint workshops, seminars, guest lecturers and projects with ITU’s basic science and engineering departments. Field expertise of departmental faculty parallels this mission and includes Development Economics, Education Economics, Energy Economics, Health Economics, Industrial Organization, and International Trade.

Prof. Dr.  Fethi ÇALIŞIR

The main objective of ITU Faculty of Management is to train engineers who play an important role in Turkish economic and industrial arena, design businesses and improve the efficiency of production processes as well as economists who shape the future economic policies of Turkey. 

For more information: http://www.isl.itu.edu.tr/