Faculty of Mechanics

Faculty of Mechanics was renamed as such in 1944. It is one of the oldest institutions carrying out education and research in the field of mechanical engineering in Turkey. It was included in ITU formation when the university was first founded, but restructured in 1946 from the “Department of Mechanics” to “Faculty of Mechanics”. 


Mechanical Engineering

 In ITU Department of Mechanical Engineering, our object is to train competent engineers in several fields such as classical machine design, micro mechanic systems, automated control, robot technology, energy production, manufacturing technology, medical applications and nanotechnology. 

Manufacturing Engineering

 Our target is to train competent engineers to administer the processes of product replacement and manufacture process selection with the contemporary manufacturing idea of creating added value by transforming the starting material to a product. 

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Alaittin Arpacı - Dean

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