Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design

The faculty offers Textile Engineering Program and Fashion Design Dual Diploma Program, together with Textile Development and Management Dual Diploma Programs. Our objective is to continue being the pioneering institution in our teaching and research programs at an international level, carrying the scientific and technological advances demanded by the national sectors to the service of the society. With an experience of 30 years, we train our students as the future leading and inquisitive engineers and designers with an outlook of life-long education and self-improvement as well as the ethical values and responsibility towards the environment.


Textile Engineering

The department aims to train engineers who can actively participate in the production and improvement process of fibers, threads, fabrics, garments, technical/functional and smart textile products; the administration of global and local textile businesses, production efficiency, product quality, safety and environmental precautions.

Fashion Design

As a dual diploma program conducted by ITU and SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology cooperatively, the program aims to give its students professional perfection in design, fashion and business.

Textile Development and Management

Students who want to register to the Textile Development and Management Program, which is a dual diploma program cooperatively held by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), have to get 180 points from the Transition to Higher Education Examination and pass the “Professional Inclination Exam/Interview” by our Review Committee.

Prof. Dr. Ömer Berk Berkalp - Dean

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