Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Sciences

The institute is formed by the two departments “Department of Earthquake Engineering” and “Department of Disaster Management”. Education and research and development studies are carried out in the institute. 
Science has tended towards the interdisciplinary studies in the developed world. The most important condition required for the competition with the world is to produce more interdisciplinary work. Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Sciences aims to be the centre for interdisciplinary studies in ITU.  

Departments of the Institute

Department of Earthquake Engineering
The program aims to advance the knowledge of earthquake engineering and the study of the effect of earthquakes on structures. 

Earthquake Engineering Masters Program 

Earthquake Engineering Doctoral Program 

Department of Disaster Management
There are online masters programs as well as thesis and non-thesis programs on the resource management and organization of several subjects such as the preparation for emergencies, intervention, prevention of disasters, avoiding losses, preparation for disasters, disaster relief and rescue operations.  

Prof. Dr.  Ünal Aldemir
Institute Director

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