Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences

Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences offers masters and doctoral programs as well as conducting research related to the strata of the earth and their interrelation. The most advanced studies regarding earthquakes are being carried out in our institute, including national and international partnerships. A great number of projects and dissertations in our institute are carried out in partnership with foreign universities. Additionally, the institute hosts projects supported by domestic institutions such as TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), DPT (State Planning Organization) and University Scientific Research Unit. 

Departments of the Institute

Climate and Marine Sciences

Interested in the dynamics of the atmosphere, seas and lakes and the interrelation between these. 

Solid Earth Sciences

Focuses on the Earth’s crust and inner strata. The aim of these studies is to find out the mechanisms ruling the Inner Earth and use this information in order to make use of underground sources and avoiding natural disasters (especially earthquakes). 

Ecology and Evolution

The main aim is to explore and teach about the past and present life conditions and the evolution of life in the geological time scale. 

Prof. Nüzhet Dalfes
Institute Director

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