Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, founded in 1982 with the cooperation of masters and doctoral programs, aims to create a contemporary model of education by offering programs in various fields. In line with the principle of educating qualified researchers with social and professional responsibility, the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, aiming to reach higher in fields such as social sciences, arts and music both in the national and the international arena, operates with a stance that is respectful to human rights, contemporary, democratic, ethical, and sensitive to the environment and the society.   

Masters Programs

Interior Architectural Design                                           


Business Administration                                                                   

Housing and Earthquake

Art History           

Turkish Music                                                    


Graduate Programs Subject to Additional Tuition and Fees 

Music Theory and Composition

Business Administration and Technology Management                                             

Executive MBA                                            

Tourism Design and Management                    

Doctoral Programs


Musicology  and Theory of Music

Art History      
Business Administration     
Political and Social Ideas             

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Institute Director
Prof. Dr.  Şebnem Burnaz