Dec 8, 2017 French-Turkish Innovation Days 2017 Took Place with Smart Cities Themed Event
Jul 24, 2017 Data Centres of the Future Will be Resistant to Earthquakes
Jul 14, 2017 The TODT Project Will Develop Game Story Based on Player Behaviour
Jul 3, 2017 With RDMOAYI Mobile Network Providers Will Be Able to Work More Efficiently With Lower Cost
Jun 8, 2017 İTÜNOVA TTO Has Rolled up its Sleeves for Turkey’s Nuclear Industry
Apr 25, 2017 Project Brings the Historical Identity of Kars to Life
Apr 3, 2017 Amendments to the Industrial Property Rights Law
Feb 23, 2017 Academic Interviews 8: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güneş Karabulut Kurt
Feb 14, 2017 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih Terzi's Work Looks at Istanbul's Squares Once Again
Jan 5, 2017 How does İTUNOVA TTO provide University-Industry Cooperation?
Dec 28, 2016 ITUNOVA TTO’s First Licensing to the USA: ITU Natural Language Processing Software Chain
Dec 22, 2016 How Does ITUNOVA TTO Protect Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights?
Dec 22, 2016 Truths and Wrongs of Digital Marketing Were Discussed
Nov 25, 2016 New Industrial Property Law Discussed at ITUNOVA TTO
Aug 16, 2016 İTÜNOVA TTO’s New Website has its Finger on the Pulse of Technology
Apr 27, 2016 National Support for R&D Projects and Support for Horizon 2020 Projects
Mar 14, 2016 Horizon 2020 BBI JU ‘Bio-Based Industries’ Info Day
Mar 8, 2016 H2O Published a Special Issue Devoted to ITU Seed
Feb 22, 2016 H2O ITU GATE Special Issue Has Been Published
Feb 16, 2016 Assessment Process in TUBİTAK ARDEB Projects