Path to TUBITAK 1512 Support passes through ITU Seed

Jul 2, 2015, 18:52
ITU Seed aiming to strengthen Turkey’s technological infrastructure based on ar-ge and innovation has become the “1.Phase Implementer of 1512 Technoentrepreneur Financial Support Program Individual Young Entrepreneur (BIGG)” as a part of TUBITAK 1601 PROGRAM.

With the mission of converting ideas of Entrepreneurs into actual business outcomes, ITU Seed will provide training, mentoring and network for the owners of technology-based projects. A great number of training opportunities such as preparation of application form, business model, business plan, income plan, will be offered. Online Application to ITU Seed for Entrepreneurs who would like to utilize TUBITAK 1512 program that supports technology-based projects in initial stage, started on July 1.
In accordance with the decided calendar, Entrepreneurs who completed the “1512 Technoentrepreneur Application Form” from, will be evaluated and invited for interviews. After jury presentation, the Entrepreneurs accepted to ITU Seed BIGG, will be able to utilize ITU Seed groundworks, laboratories, meeting and conference halls, refreshment areas, ITU, ITU ARI Teknokent and ITUNOVA TTO network, consultation and mentoring supports.

Call for Technoentrepreneurs

Kenan Çolpan, ITU ARI Teknokent General Manager, stated: “in ITU Seed, Entrepreneurs are supported with various trainings including basic business development and marketing in order to make them international trademarks. Entrepreneurs who apply TUBİTAK through ITU Seed are also accepted as candidates to Seed award valued at 1 Million TL. We call all Technoentrepreneurs to apply ITU Seed to seize the opportunities 1512 Program offers to new Entrepreneurs.”