ITU is a city university with 23 of its departments proved to be in universal education standards as accredited by ABET and which is listed in the 500 best universities in the world. Istanbul Technical University is a state university that establishes the definition of engineering and architecture in Turkey, and always struggles to keep these definitions up to date. The objective of ITU is to keep its traditional structure while offering its students a modern education environment, as well as giving its students the opportunity to compete in the international arena through its strong international partnerships and connections. In this context, ITU is also the leading university in Turkey with its 12 Dual Diploma Programs. 

Textile Development, Economics, Management, Fashion Design, Informatics Systems, Civil Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental  Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Management, Maritime Transportation and Management, Marine Engineering, Industrial Engineering and ITU-UIUC 3+2 Programs are dual degree programs that are carried out by the partnerships between ITU and world class universities such as SUNY Fashion, SUNY-New Paltz and SUNY BINGHAMTON.

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