Turkish Music Conservatory
Istanbul Technical University Conservatory was founded in 1976 and has been improving gradually for almost the half-century it left behind. ITU Turkish Music Conservatory was the first institution in its field and continues to be the model conservatory with this responsibility in mind. 

Turkish Music Conservatory aims to lead the way through international artistic and scientific exchanges, evaluate the art and train artists under the light of social elements, participate in the artistic process molded both by the contemporary currents and the traditional essence and train fully equipped and creative musicians, teachers and academics in the national and international arena. 

Departments of Turkish Music Conservatory

Musical Performance
The department trains virtuoso artists, teachers, practitioners and instrument makers with a firm background in Turkish Music and general musical theories.

Aims to train idealistic young world scale musicians who have the will and skills to compose musical works to establish the Turkish music of the future. 

Musicology involves all scientific studies in the field of music. 

Musical Theory 
The department aims to train students who can advance the music of the societies to an international level with both Turkish Music theory and universal music theories.  

Music Technologies
The department aims to train expert musicians that are open to new developments and who have the qualities for being artists and scientist to advance their knowledge in the international arena. The department also focuses on instrument making and recording. 

Vocal Performance
The department aims to train vocal artists who are open to developments and who can research, identify, question and synthesize knowledge. 

Turkish Folk Dances
The department aims to train dancers, researchers and teachers who can teach Turkish traditional music and dances as well as all the traditional elements of music. 

Turkish Music Conservatory Graduate Programs

Turkish Music Graduate Program
The program aims to train individuals in order to ensure that the academic fields of art, culture and music is constantly advanced; that knowledge is sought for, archived, classified and questioned leading to helpful syntheses and thus the scientific knowledge is spread. 

Musicology and Musical Theory Doctoral Program
The program aims to train creative professional who are much needed in the fields of musicology and musical theory that have the necessary scientific and researching qualities. 

Prof. Adnan KOÇ
Turkish Music Conservatory Director

"Our primary objective is to carry Turkish music into the 21st century without losing its ties with the traditional roots and improve it in accordance with the requirements of the time. We train our students to be able to carry out studies both on Turkish music and European musical traditions and we never give up our efforts to carry our national music, conservatory and university to the place it deserves. 
Being a member of ITU Turkish Music Conservatory is a privilege!"

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