International Scientific Collaboration Development Support Project

May 7, 2015, 15:16
İTÜ Rector’s Office opened a new support program to encourage our faculty members to develop collaborations with universities and research institutions abroad. Research and scientific collaborations our faculty members will make abroad will be supported through “International Scientific Collaboration Development Support Project (LİNK2)”.

İTÜ Rector’s Office that put “being a worldwide strong research university” among İTÜ’s primary goals as it approaches its 250. year took a new step in order to encourage our faculty members in international studies. Applications for the first period started for “International Scientific Collaboration Development Support Project (LİNK2)”. The deadline for applications is Monday, 15 June 2015.

‘Academic ambassador’

Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca said that they aim at making İTÜ one of the central bases of scientific and academic studies. Karaca said, “We consider our faculty members as academic ambassadors, international science representatives as well. To that end, we value increasing our academic studies abroad. We, as the Rector’s Office, are always ready to give the support incumbent on us for that purpose.” Karaca expressed that they want to reinforce İTÜ’s world university quality and emphasized, “We wish this new support program to both support the careers of our faculty members and add strength to our university’s academic progress.”

‘It is an advantage for our students, too’

Karaca expressed that our faculty members’ following new scientific developments and technologies on-site, and the new visions they will gain will be a great advantage for our students, too, and underlined the benefit our students will get from receiving training from academicians with strong international collaborations. Karaca said, “We intend our university to enter its 250. year by reaching a strength of being the address of worldwide reputable scientific collaborations, the center of academic projects. The studies our academicians will conduct abroad are very important for that goal. This support program will make contributions to both İTÜ and our country.”

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