Entrepreneurs competed in Big Bang and seized the future

Nov 18, 2015, 13:55
ITU Seed, the 8th best incubator center in Europe and one of the most important entrepreneurship support projects in Turkey, conducted Big Bang 2015 Final. In the organization conducted on Saturday, November 14, 2015, in Ayazağa Campus Süleymen Demirel Center, the entrepreneurs received their awards.

In Big Bang where commercially applicable projects from different sectors, chemistry to electronics, informatics to biogenetics, “Seize the Future” was the theme of this year. In Big Bang 2015 where the total award given was 1 million TL , candidates from three different sectors competed respectively in “General Category” and “Cloud Computing Category” as well as “Automotive Technologies Category” which was implemented this year. The projects of entrepreneur candidates competing to transform their technology based ideas into business and establish their firms drew attention.


3900 Entrepreneurs Applied
200 Entrepreneurs out of 2500 applications for BIG BANG 2015 were selected and accepted for preincubation. Under the roof of ITU Seed, Entrepreneurs who underwent long and intensive trainings supported by consultation, groundwork and pre-financing, benefitted from all sorts of physical and educational facilities ITU Seed offers without any fee.

The ones who completed the process successfully also received intensive training on product development, preparation of work schedule. Entrepreneurs gained significant experience on the path to start their future firms while having a chance to meet investors and forming a professional business network.

Prof.Dr.Mehmet Karaca

We Encourage Generating Ideas

Our Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca gave the opening speech and emphasized on the great achievements covered in such a short time of 4 years. Karaca stated that ITU invests on young people and their ideas for the development and progress of our country and generation of its own technology. Karaca also added that young people are encouraged to generate ideas and are provided with all the necessary facilities to execute their ideas into projects within ITU Seed. Karaca mentioned that more than 7 million TL financial support was provided to the firms in incubation phase this year.

20 Projects were to be seen

After the opening speeches and visual feast in the great final ceremony, entrepreneur candidates introduced their projects. Finalists presented their projects to participants including investors, entrepreneurs and professionals. After presentations, jury assessment was carried out and awards to make their projects commercial were given to the entrepreneurs. The awards were presented by leading entrepreneurs of the sector, CEOs and General Manager of ITU Teknokent Kenan Çolpan.


260 Thousand TL award to winner Vivosen

Vivosen team that developed biosensor platform including a portable measurement device and kits customized for diseases, was awarded the great price of 260 thousand TL. Thanks to the biosensor developed by Vİvosen, disease symptoms will be diagnosed portably all around the World easily and, cheaply without the need of laboratories.
TRD Biotek got the second place and was awarded 130 thousand TL price for manufacturing cheap and pathogen free synthetic seed by using tissue culture techniques in order to meet the need for seed where garlic planting is done commercially.

Lugo team that aims to present smarter, more economical and safer driving experience by processing vehicle and road data, and Enwair team that produces silisium based composite electrode batteries having high electrode capacity for electrical cars shared the third place award.