Gateway of Entrepreneurs to USA, "ITU GATE" Renewed

Dec 6, 2016, 15:38
Having introduced 27 companies to USA market and helped 10 companies move their commercial activities to this country, ITU GATE is starting with its 4th period.

ITU GATE International Entrepreneur Acceleration Program designed with the purpose of moving companies from ITU ARI Teknokent to USA and turning them into international brands has been renewed so as to serve all companies in different scales. ITU GATE International Entrepreneur Acceleration Program, which is offering education, counseling, mentoring, and office support in USA to companies, distinguishes as the most comprehensive program giving full support to companies abroad. Companies wishing to participate in the program, which accelerates companies to have international contacts and can be extended to six months, can apply via web address.
ITU GATE process consists of two parts. Companies selected for the program are subject to a 2 months training including various topics such as strategies to get into USA market especially from Turkey, positioning the competitive advantages of the product, making a story of it, and price and income model. Later on, entrepreneurs are taken to USA camp and they meet with international investors, academics, and entrepreneurs in "Chicago 1871" and "Galvanize" Entrepreneurship Center in USA.

The application deadline for the program, which was renewed to move more companies to USA, has been determined as December 14th.