Innovations making difference from ARI Teknokent Firms 3

Feb 16, 2016, 10:31
Veacon, An Apple-iBeacon transmitter of Valensas firm, designed together with Mete Mordağ enables a new user experience by automatically communicating with the individuals having the application on their mobile phones when they are within the range.
iBeacons, Apple’s new, battery-friendly Bluetooth smart technology, can be integrated in every sector that directly interacts with customer, primarily in mobile payment and retail sectors. Users can follow the campaigns and advantages in the stores by using the application downloaded on their mobile phones and stores can present exclusive opportunities by following the customers’ moves and products they are interested in.
Veacon system, working within a store or service unit via technology based platform, consists of mobile software development kit, administration portal and sensors. Designs of the sensors which are developed as receiver and transmitter are inspired by the symbols of ITU Arı Teknokent where technology develops and they are in the form of honeycomb.

Veacon provides services to the customers of important firms such as Akbank and Turkish Airlines and increases user satisfaction and experience without the need of any other devices other than a mobile phone.