ITU ARI Teknokent Selected Among The Best Technology Development Zones

Nov 25, 2016, 14:49
ITU ARI Teknokenthas ranked second in the 2015 Technology Development Zones Performance Index, which was announced in the 4th Technology Development Zones Summit. ITU Vice Rector Prof. Tayfun Kindap and ITU ARI Teknokent Vice Director Gökçe Tabak attended the summit to receive the award. Prof. Kindap emphasized that the award was the outcome of the entrepreneurship ecosystem established at ITU and indicated that ITU ARI Teknokent achieved the highest R&D exports in Turkey with a 10% increase in 2016 (in dollars). Kindap stated that ITU would keep contributing to Turkey’s economic growth by improving its performance.

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Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, congratulated the zones that achieved a better performance compared to the previous year and announced that new incentives will be provided and risk and entrepreneurship funds will be allocated to technology development zones. Özlü visited the stands of the firms participating in the summit, including those of firms at ITU ARI Teknokent. The following ITU ARI Teknokent companies attended the summit.

Borda: Develops Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Real-Time Tracking systems which allow institutions to track mobile equipment, patients, visitors, and personnel simultaneously and in real-time. This data enables healthcare staff to track patients’ progress, receive alerts, and create reports

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DMA: Producing the first electric minibus of Turkey, the company contributes to the green technologies.

Getratron: Produces single-person, folding electric scooter, which can be used in an integrated way with public transport.

Gumush: Is a nanosatellite design and manufacturing company specializing in satellite software, satellite communication subsystems, control systems, solar panels, and nano-subsystems.

IUGO: Specializes in smart vehicle technologies and risk analysis for vehicles.

Maxwell: Produces multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), particularly designed for rescue and relief operations. The product of the company is expected to play a significant role in supporting rescue personnel during disaster relief.

Mitos: Developed for the first time in the world a tomography device that is capable of detecting and displaying by using microwave frequencies.

Next Horizons: Develops solutions for various sectors, defense industry in particular, for tasks such as firefighting, dealing with suspicious objects, scanning for explosives, and navigation and reconnaissance. Also, the company is known for its semi-autonomous robot platform.

Osteoid: Utilising 3D printing technology, the company manufactures custom-made orthopaedic products.

Ölçsan: Produces network security systems that provide fast and secure access.