ITU ARI Teknokent Stamped on Startup Turkey

Mar 8, 2016, 16:40
The first two ranks in the Startup Turkey organized by Etohum for the eighth time this year went to AloTech and UrbanStat firms that were open to USA market with the ITU GATE program.

AloTech that enables to establish call center of all scales in five minutes worldwide through the Internet gained the appreciation of the jury and investors while UrbanStat that significantly decreases insurance and real-estate companies’ costs through spatial analytical and geographical coding succeeded to gather investors’ attention by its unwavering emphasis on the still continuing investment gathering process and the importance of the customer.

One of the leading technoparks in Turkey and one of the main sponsors of Startup Turkey, ITU ARI Teknokent participated Startup Turkey with 10 entrepreneurs from its ITU Seed Early Stage Incubation Center and ITU GATE International Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program. Four firms achieved to rank in the final. The other two firms made to the finals were Maxwell manufacturing “drone” that can fly in difficult conditions and fulfill industrial duties and Fidelo providing hardware and software products that enable small and medium scale businesses to handle their customer loyalty programs.


The most successful entrepreneurs are from ITU ARI Teknokent

After the election was conducted by a crowded investor group in Startup Turkey Conference, the determination of the successful ones among the finalists was performed by Hiro Mashita, M&S Partners Director, Sebastiaan Vaessen, Nasper Group Strategy Manager and Nevzat Aydın, co-founders of

The jury members determined the most successful three entrepreneurs among the firms UrbanStat, ErasmusInn,, Invidyo, Simenty, Maxwell, Fidelo, Planote, Dijital Kumbara, Bi’Kutu Mutluluk, Menu For Tourist, AloTech, Stokza, Tamatem and Camelship which made it to the finals by the likings of the investor groups, after the 2,5 minutes of presentations and question-answer session of their startups.

AloTech and UrbanStat, participant firms of ITU GATE program, previously succeeded in various events. These firms also won recognition in the investors’ presentations organized in San Francisco and Chicago by ITU ARI Teknokent. While the firms started partnership discussions in America, they also initiated the attempts to open offices just like the other ITU GATE firms.