ITU Seed, Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers Became in The Top Twenty in World Ranking

Nov 27, 2015, 10:16
ITU Seed is chosen as the 8th best in Europe and 18th in the World by international global index UBI Global ranking and comparing Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers of topnotch universities in the World. ITU Seed was the first incubation center that participated in the index as a result of the independent evaluation of 117 European and 220 worldwide incubation centers.

We compete with the best of the World

Kenan Çolpan, the General Manager of İTÜ Arı Teknokent, emphasized that ITU Seed has become more than an incubator center and evaluated the achievement by adding: “ITU Seed that began to function in 2012 as a part of İTU ARI Teknokent, brought entrepreneurs more than 7 million TL support in the last three years. ITU Seed welcomes entrepreneurs of all ages who have technological idea or business project that can be commercial. At the same time, we are leading the contributions of young minds to preferential sectors having massive potentials such as automotive and cloud computing by formulating special categories. We are working on placing Istanbul on the “World entrepreneurs map” with more than 40 national and international partners such as İstanbul Chamber of Industry, Automotive Exporters Association, IBM, Microsoft and Elginkan Foundation. Acceptance of ITU Seed as one of the best incubator centers of Europe and World by UBI Global is the best evidence that we are on the right path. “
Associate Professor Deniz Tunçalp, General Manager Assistant of İTU ARI Teknokent, stated that entrepreneurs conducted business model development studies for 11 weeks and 150 hours and received one on one consultation from more than 150 voluntary mentors during İTU Seed process. Assoc. Prof. Tunçalp added the following information about the system that brought international achievement: “We are using and constantly improving a specially designed version of business model method and contents adapted to local conditions and needs which is used in leading universities and entrepreneurship centers. While entrepreneurs, accepted to ITU Seed, benefit from the common Office and laboratories in preincubation center, they simultaneously improve their projects via training and mentoring as a part of Acceleration Program. Thus, technology based projects that are applicable to commercial life find a chance to grow in ITU Seed. In the first 9 months of this year, we had the chance to assess more than 3900 applications from Turkey and provided training and support to the best 260 applications. The best 20 among them met with investors and other entrepreneurs in the Big Bang event conducted in Ayazağa Campus on November 14 and took their first steps to become pioneer firms. “

Long term entrepreneurs are fruits of well-established incubator centers

Assessment process of UBI Global aims to develop incubator centers around the World, to identify the best ones and to improve business network among them. Within the scope of activities announcing the results of assessment, managers of incubator centers support the development of global entrepreneurship ecosystem through presentation, sample stories and analysis.

Evaluation of UBI Global also includes interesting data. The primary sector applied among incubator centers is Information Technologies at 35%. The rate of continuing business through “survival” for the entrepreneurs coming from the most successful incubator centers are approximately 20 % more than the ones coming from average incubator centers . The most successful incubator centers can provide resource to at least to 81% of the entrepreneurs; however, average incubator centers can only support 48%.

ITU Seed Process

Entrepreneurs accepted to ITU Seed preincubation phase, can utilize all facilities of ITU Seed for one year without any fee. At the end of this period the most successful projects appear in front of the jury in the award event called Big Bang and the elected entrepreneurs shared the award money. Apart from providing more than 7 million TL contributions to entrepreneurs upto now, in three years’ time 23 firm were established within ITU Seed.
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