Next Generation Coach Captains will be Trained through IUGO and Afyon Kocatepe University Cooperation

Aug 17, 2016, 12:10
A cooperation protocol was signed between IUGO, a start-up company founded in ITU Seed, which is the early stage incubation center of İTÜ ARI Teknokent, and the Department of Coach Captainship, Sultandagı School of Vocational Studies at Afyon Kocatepe University. The cooperation, which aims to train more competent coach captains, involves installing IUGO’s driver behavior tracking system into the training cars at the Department of Coach Captainship. IUGO system enables a safer and more fuel-efficient driving and helps prospective captains to become better drivers by monitoring and evaluating their driving skills and behaviors.

The goal is to minimise the accidents caused by driver error

The cooperation protocol was signed on 15 August 2016, at a special ceremony that took place in ITU ARI Teknokent. Among those who attended the ceremony were Arzu Eryilmaz, Marketing and Business Development Director of ITU ARI Teknokent; Evren Ozatay, IUGO CEO; Assist. Prof. Kemal Karayormuk, the Director of the Sultandagi School of Vocational Studies; and Ekrem Ozcan, ITU Seed Automotive Sector Consultant.

Arzu Eryilmaz, Marketing and Business Development Director of ITU ARI Teknokent, stated that the cooperation between IUGO and Afyon Kocatepe University is an outcome of the cooperation agreement signed between ITU ARI Teknokent and the Association of Automobile Exporters (OIB) in 2015. Describing Teknokent’s role in the project as a bridge, Eryilmaz added, “As ITU ARI Teknokent, we aim to support Turkish Automotive Industry by contributing to the development of new and innovative technologies. We are happy to observe the concrete outcomes of the cooperation that we initiated to this end.”

IUGO CEO Evren Ozatay, who addressed the guests in the ceremony, stated that they launched the “smart drive” project with the aim of raising the level of awareness on safe and economical driving.

“Our chief purpose in IUGO was to merge the future-defining technologies such as the “inter-machine communication” in a single project and apply this in the automotive field. The main emphasis of IUGO is safety and fuel-efficiency. With our tracking system installed in vehicles, we can monitor the drivers and the vehicles and observe even the minute details of the driver behavior. In this way, we analyze individual driver errors and provide the drivers with a detailed description of our evaluation in order to help them improve their driving behavior. Today, 90% of the accidents in our country are caused by driver errors. We hope that IUGO will help to reduce this rate. We believe that coach captains and professional drivers of the future will benefit in various ways from the cooperation that we have built with the Department of Coach Captainship at Sultandagi School of Vocational Studies, Afyon Kocatepe University. Considering that the graduates of the department will serve in the future as trainers in various institutions, we believe this cooperation will contribute to educating many more competent and conscious drivers,” Ozatay said.

Assist. Prof. Kemal Karayormuk, the Director of the Department of Coach Captainship, Sultandagi School of Vocational Studies, made the following comments: “We established the Department of Coach Captainship eight years ago, and since then we closely follow new technologies and try to incorporate them into our education and training system. We are glad that we can gain access to some of these technologies via firms that operate in Teknokent. I would like to thank both ITU ARI Teknokent for its support for the development of new technologies in such firms and IUGO directors for their potential contribution to the development of prospective captains in our institution.”