PAÓ ITU SEED Entrepreneur Returned from Fashion Festival with Award

Feb 20, 2016, 10:56

Paó, wearable technology product, won the “Emerging Award” in the “start-up” category of Wearable: Fashion Tech Festival organized in Paris.


 ITU Seed entrepreneur Paó, has the characteristics of a smart jewelry that can be located on a piece of clothing, collar of a jacket or directly on the body. Paó that tries to correct the posture problems and health problems of the people who cannot stand upright especially due to weight through a warning system follows the user’s behaviors and self-customizes by programming itself according to the requirements of the user’s daily routine. Therefore it helps posture problems and losing weight. Paó which can be placed on any part of the body or clothing draws attention with its user friendliness.

pao odul toreni

The product signaling a new era in wearable products was also the owner of cloud award in ITU Seed BIG BANG 2015.

pao odul2