Senior Design Projects Evaluated by Ari Teknokent

Nov 9, 2015, 12:01

Senior Design Projects submitted by undergraduate students will be evaluated and awarded a prize by ITU Ari Teknokent. The prize winners will be forwarded for participation in such programs as TUBITAK BIGG and ITU Seed.

Only three projects selected by the Academic Council and meeting the criteria of innovation and entrepreneurship will receive the award upon their assessment by Ari Teknokent. Moreover, the projects with high entrepreneurship potential will have a chance to benefit from other supporting mechanisms and opportunities existing at ITU Ari Teknokent. Senior Design Projects submitted  during either first or second term within the same academic year will be evaluated in a single sitting. The deadline for applications is 19 June, 2016. The application is limited to the undergradute ITU students in their final year.  

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