Support from Google to Companies Entering the US Market via ITU GATE

May 11, 2017, 16:03
Thanks to ITU GATE's business alliance with Google Launchpad, Turkish companies in San Francisco will receive mentorship support.

The ITU GATE International Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, which ITU ARI Teknokent has been conducting for two years to prepare Turkish entrepreneurs for the world market, has signed an important business alliance with Google's initiative, Google Launchpad. Within the scope of the business alliance, the Google Launchpad Program, which supports Google's entrepreneurs, has begun providing mentorship support to Turkish companies that are taken to San Francisco by ITU GATE. Within the scope of this agreement, which has begun to bear fruit, in the fourth quarter of İTÜ GATE, 9 companies that aim to open an office in Silicon Valley and export technology from Turkey were given mentorship support. The companies also received feedback and consultation from executives and experts from leading technology companies such as Cisco and Intel Capital.

Commenting on these important steps, Dan Feld, Business Development Manager for Google Launchpad, stated that he was very impressed by the advanced stages and technological levels of ITU GATE companies and was quite pleased with the entrepreneurs’ willingness to listen and learn. Stating that ITU GATE companies are not only satisfied with ideas and product prototypes, Feld stated that they also make clear plans including what needs the product will meet, which customer base should be targeted, what value their products will add, and how they will reach their customers, all of which, Feld stated, is a professional approach rarely seen in entrepreneurs.

Underlining that San Francisco offers unique opportunities to test the ideas of entrepreneurs, Dan Feld concluded his business cooperation statement with the following words: "The United States, and in particular San Francisco, is one of the world's most important centers for presenting the ideas of entrepreneurs to the right investor, developing ideas and products, reaching the best human resources, producing and marketing, and building the right partnerships and collaborations. I advise the entrepreneurs who want to enter the US market not to hurry because in such a complex market, only mature or sellable ideas catch on. "

ITU ARI Teknokent General Manager Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Tunçalp emphasized that the ITU GATE Acceleration Program, the fourth of which was held in recent days, continues to make a difference for entrepreneurs. Tunçalp noted that their goal was to connect companies that are ready to open up to world markets with potential investors, partners and customers in the USA, further adding that supporting the development of Turkey's entrepreneurship field and bringing successful initiatives to international platforms to increase our country's technology exports was a priority. Tunçalp also added that they have signed many important business partnerships in order to achieve this goal and thus they have continuously improved the opportunities offered to entrepreneurs. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Tulçalp commented on the business alliance with Google Launchpad thus: “From the center of entrepreneurship in San Francisco, 9 of our companies had the opportunity to learn here and introduce themselves on an international platform by participating in Google Launchpad, which is monitored by world giants. We are very pleased to provide them with this experience. As ITU GATE, we have taken 27 companies to the USA and accelerated 13 companies to locate their commercial activities there. We believe that the 9 companies in our new round will also establish important business partnerships. The ITU GATE International Acceleration Program, one of the exemplary support programs in Turkey, will continue in the coming years and we will continue to work for hundreds of technology companies to find their place in the international arena.”

About the ITU GATE International Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

The companies that participate in the two-part program go through a two-month training period first in Turkey that covers many topics - with a special focus on the US market - such as market entry strategies, market research, competitive positioning of the product, pricing, and business models. In the following two months, company representatives, are taken to the Chicago 1871 Office and the Galvanize Incubation Centers in San Francisco to meet with international investors, potential customers, partners, and other entrepreneurs. The program, which speeds up the establishment of international contacts by companies, continues for a further 6+ months after determining where the most appropriate place for sales and marketing centers for their products will be.

You can find detailed information about İTÜ GATE's projects, process and other detailed information here.