Technology Park of ITU Raises the Bar!

Apr 7, 2016, 11:14

Technology Leaders Meet at Technology Park of ITU Technology and Entrepreneurship Summit.

Technology and Entrepreneurship Summit organized for the first time by Technology Park of ITU, one of the leading technopolis projects in Turkey, took place on April 5, Tuesday at Çırağan Palace. Over 400 guests including senior officials, investors and chief executives of technoparks attended the event held under the slogan “Raising the Bar”.

BEETech2015_ katilimciler

The awards ceremony BEETECH 2015, intended to be the most prestigious award in the field of entrepreneurship in Turkey,  was held for the first time as well. Technology Park of ITU companies, evaluated in accordance with the Technology Park of ITU Performance criteria,  were granted awards in 34 different categories. In addition, 8 companies recieved special awards.

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“Give credit where it is due”

Prof. Mehmet Karaca, Rector of Istanbul Technical University, in his opening speech at Technology Park of ITU Technology and Entrepreneurship Summit stated that ITU, one of the most deep-rooted institutions in Turkey with its experience spreading over 243 years, introduced a notion of “Being an ITU Member” and is considered a pioneer in its field. Our Rector noted that Technology Park of ITU represents a cooperation between a university and industry in the best possible way and has achieved a prominent success in its 14th year and added: “Turkey is a country where entrepreneurship develops very rapidly. Technology Park of ITU was launched in accordance with this tendency in 2001 and while the first 10 years were devoted to settlement, the following 10 years was a period of innovations. Give credit where credit is due. Today at this stage together with our entrepreneurs, investors and new projects we give priority to the development of an entrepreneurship vision in our country. “We are very happy to introduce the motto “Be a Part of ITU Ecosystem” coming from the cooperation between entrepreneurship and innovation and we are  aware that we make a difference in this field. We have been taking firm steps towards becoming the world’s leading technopark by 2023 when our university will celebrate its 250th anniversary”.

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We will raise the bar together

Kenan Çolpan, CEO of Technology Park of ITU, who was one of the speakers at the summit, said that he was very pleased to host Technology and Entrepreneurship Summit as well as the BEETECH Awards Ceremony and take part in such an event. Kenan Çolpan stressed the main subject of the summit “Raising the Bar”  and added: “We aim at raising the bar by improving our work based on sustainable relationships model. While in 2013 we used to cooperate with 141 companies on 436 projects, in 2015 we have 223 companies and 656 projects. Technology Park of ITU in cooperation with its entrepreneurs and business partners has contributed 3 billion Turkish Liras to the country’s economy. We want to be valuable as an institution, which means being successful to us. We aim to become Turkey’s leading technopolis and leaders in Istanbul strongly believing that power comes with collaboration – “Brighter Together”. Technology Park of ITU has everything to be the world’s leader. I strongly believe that we will succeed”.

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Technology Park of ITU Companies Received Awards at BEETECH 2015

The companies taking part in the BEETECH 2015 awards ceremony held for the first time in the scope of Technology Park of ITU Technology and Entrepreneurship Summit were granted awards in 34 different categories. 8 companies which recieved special awards at BEETECH 2015 included:

In Balance with Management Award – Ericsson

Start-Up Ecosystem Award -  E-Tohum

Technology Media Award – Webrazzi

Best Venture Capital Award – DCP

Global Success Award – Cardtek

Best Woman Entrepreneur Award -  Aslı Derbent

Technological Support Award - Elginkan Vakfı

Ar-Ge Leaders Special Award – Aydın Ersöz

Click to access the full list of awardees at BEETECH 2015.