Turkey’s Refined Bee Products Manufacturer has taken an investment from DCP

Feb 25, 2016, 17:37
Scientific Bio Solutions-SBS meeting with the investors in the USA last year under ITU GATE International Entrepreneur Acceleration Program has become the third technology company taking investment from Diffusion Capital Partners (DCP). After its experience with ITU GATE, the company is aiming to make a quick entry to the international markets with this investment.

Scientific Bio Solutions-SBS, which has succeeded to be among the technology investments in excess of 4 million Euros made by Turkey’s first technology transfer and venture capital fund manager Diffusion Capital Partners (DCP) , is the only company in Turkey collecting and processing bee resin with the most natural methods. With its scientific methods, the company provides the bee resin, which is the highly effective substance against diseases such as primarily cancer, cholesterol, arthritis, and obesity and used by bees as a disinfectant in the hives of the bees, to be produced with the most suitable qualities for human consumption. SBS will use the fund provided by DCP to increase exports, R&D and operational activities.

Bee resin, a sticky substance like resin, is not suitable to be consumed in its natural form. SBS, Scientific Bio Solutions, process this substance differently according to its use for medical purposes or for food supplements.

SBS, Scientific Bio Solutions, a unique company in Turkey in terms of collecting the bee resin and turning it into use, primarily make the bees secrete their resin into the trapped hives of the contracted beekeepers in different parts of Turkey. After this, these traps are taken to SBS laboratories without any processing and are made ready for the consumption of end-user.

Apart from bee resin containing 80 times more antioxidant than pomegranate juice and 130 times more antioxidant than tomatoes juice and described as “antioxidant bomb”, SBS-Scientific Bio Solutions also brings royal jelly, pollen, and honey products to the customers in their purest form.