“Give Way to Pedestrians and Bicycles”: Ayazağa Campus Gate Renovated

Jun 16, 2016, 15:32
Ari Gate and the entrance square have now become more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly in the scope of the Green Campus project, the work on which is still ongoing at full blast.

Ayazaga Yerleskesi Girisi Yenilendi_1

Our campus has become not only easier and less risky for pedestrians but also more convenient for cyclists. As an addition to the bicycle lane that has been extended up to the Ari Gate a bicycle park has been set up.

However, the changes on Ayazağa Campus are not restricted to the abovementioned. While placing the vegetational materials and installing the illumination the priority was given to pedestrians. In addition, the monument dedicated to the 250th anniversary of our university designed by Mehmet Erkök, lecturer of instructor of Department of Industrial Design, has been placed in Ari Gate Square thus adding up to the aesthetic perspective of the campus.

Ayazaga Yerleskesi Girisi Yenilendi_2

Due to all these changes not only the pedestrian zone perception has been strengthened but also the visibility and use of the Sundial have been enhanced by using the axial continuity of Ord. Prof. Bedri Karafakioğlu Street junction more effectively.

Ayazaga Yerleskesi Girisi Yenilendi_3

Due to not having the features of city trees and a healthy root development and thus threatening the living by falling down from time to time, the poplar trees in the square at Ari Gate have been moved to the natural habitat along the walkways near the pond.