Ari Mola Renovated and Back in Service

Dec 1, 2015, 16:33

A café and restaurant Ari Mola, which serves our university’s students, academic and administrative staff, has opened to service at Ayazağa Campus. 

One more restaurant of high quality appeared on the campus. The cafe is located between the Faculty of Mines and Social Sciences on the ground floor of the former shopping centre. Ari Mola offers a diverse menu for a reasonable price. With its various social acitivities Ari Mola will have a big opening in spring.


Delivery Services Coming Soon

Ari Mola will provide delivery services to every corner of the campus. Particular attention is paid to the students’ suggestions and providing healthy food.

Social Responsibility Projects

Ari Mola is going to use daily food waste to feed animals on campus; moreover, in cooperation with the HAYTAP and HAYSEV associations the food leftovers will be sent to street animals. Ari Mola is also planning to have a meeting with the representatives of CAA (Culture and Art Society) Club to discuss sponsorship opportunities in the Club’s activities.