Car Parks for Students and Visitors

Nov 12, 2015, 11:00

Reduction of carbon emissions and traffic on campus had been the major issue during the landscape and environmental reconstruction within the concept of ‘Green Campus’. For that purpose two main areas were reserved as parking spaces on campus.

As a result of reconstruction works on Ayazaga Campus student and visitor car parks were relocated to the central areas.


The areas behind the cafeteria previously used as a car park for staff members and Registrar’s Office will be used for student and visitor car parking. The location of new parking lots was particularly chosen in the areas convenient for students. 

Parking lot 1 (previously used as a car park for staff members) with the capacity of 200 cars is located in the area between the cafeteria, Mustafa Inan Library, ITU Stadium, dormitories, the Central Classroom building and Indoor Sports Facility.

Parking lot 2 with the capacity of 175 cars is located at the back of the Registrar’s Office, the building most frequently used by students.


The areas were provided with the necessary infrastructure and road signs. The campus shuttles have been relocated to the remote area in order to reduce carbon emissions. By all these steps we aim to minimize harmful for the forest vegetation and natural landscape carbon emissions. New regulations concerning the traffic and car parks on campus were prepared before the official start of 2015 Academic Year. In addition, we printed the recycled paper, which was distributed among the students, our administrative and academic staff. Now we will enjoy the cleaner atmosphere on campus.