ITU Appreciates the Source of Life, Water

Oct 19, 2017, 12:37
During the summer season, all of the water used for watering green spaces on the Ayazağa Campus was obtained from the pond where rain water is collected. Considering how ITU takes into account the size of investment and effort required to deliver clean water to people, this method of adhering to the principle of observing natural balances in the form of artificial spaces can also be adapted to the whole of Istanbul.

Istanbul Technical University, which has experienced many innovations and firsts with its efficient use of information and technology as part of its Green Campus studies, continues its nature conscious practices. Through these applications, on the one hand, sample models are formed, and on the other hand, significant contributions are made to the University budget and therefore to the country's economy. As an application to be evaluated in the context of alternative irrigation studies, as part of ITU's Green Campus project, an important milestone was recorded in the three-month period covering June - July and August. ITU, which used its own resources in this process, successfully watered an area of about 100,000 m2 without using any city water on campus. The financial offset of this success is about 400,000 TL.


“We have turned another exemplary project into reality”

Our Vice Rector Dr. Tayfun Kındap stated that the successful implementation of the project will be an example to many institutions and that it was first put into practice on the Ayazağa campus. Prof. Dr. Kındap continued his words as follows:

The Ayazağa Campus is one of the prominent residential areas in this region covered by trees and plants that are unique to Marmara and Istanbul. Our campus has become even more beautiful with work done in the last 5 years. This includes many infrastructure works that are not visible. During campus related studies, we started to work on projects that will address irrigation needs. First, in order for our campus pond to be sustainable, we focused on the irrigation and drainage part of the Pond Project so it could serve both as a water source and be used for recreation. This includes the preparation of a long-term action plan in the case of an overflow or, on the contrary, in the event of drought. We worked on transferring rainwater to the Pond. By raising the level, the Pond is better able to collect rainwater. Our work is not complete, we are continuing our efforts. In terms of irrigation, we have enough water volume to meet needs for a period with normal i.e. non-drought conditions. On the other hand, our preparations are continuing to stave off the negative effects of a dry spell. At the point we’ve arrived to today, other than the Pond which is formed by accumulating rainwater, we do not use any other water source for irrigation. In a short period of time, we have been able to establish a system that will enable us to reach a goal that we have dreamed of reaching for many years."

"Savings are important, but the philosophy of it is even more important"

Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Kındap noted that while saving is important, the philosophy of the project is even more important, and that this project could be adapted to Istanbul as a whole. Prof. Dr. Kındap noted that this environmentally conscious work will not be limited to only creating green space, but that it was important to evaluate the environmental impact of the stages for creating, maintaining and sustaining the green spaces as a whole. He concluded his word with “Istanbul is one of the world's most populated mega-cities. In a city with such a dense population, using clean water on irrigation would be a huge waste. There is a great deal of labor and investment in the process of delivering clean water to people. When you use this valuable (resource) just for the purpose of convenient irrigation, you can’t help but feel sorry about it. It is in fact contradictory to the philosophy of creating a green space to use this kind of clean drinking water. On our campus, we used idea of searching for alternative sources in green space irrigation as the basis of our project. On the other hand, the financial value is undisputable. We can irrigate using city water but it is valuable and also costly. It is an important plus to be able to save money on the one hand while protecting the environment on the other."