ITU TMC has got Modern Classrooms

Feb 11, 2016, 14:00
The opening of H block Multifunctional Floor designed and completed by our Rector was carried with the participations of Prof. Mehmet Karaca, The Rector, Prof. Adnan Koç, TCM Director, vice-directors, academicians and students.


Before the opening ceremony organized in ITU TCM H Block Building, student groups took stage for co-music recital. After the recital and the opening speeches, the classrooms, administrative offices and multifunctional part including a dancing hall were inaugurated. Our Rector Karaca visited every renovated place.


Through the renovation work carried out in our Conservatory, 1122 m2 idle space put in educational use as 13 administrative offices, 2 transparent meeting rooms, 1 dancing hall, 1 fully acoustic classroom, 2 semi-acoustic classrooms, 2 big classrooms.