Large-Scale Infrastructure Renewal Provides Water to Pond

Mar 12, 2015, 13:54
Large-Scale Infrastructure Renewal Provides Water to Pond

In our Ayazağa Campus, a new one is being added to the construction works conducted within the context of Green Campus İTÜ. With the new work, rain water will be collected and conveyed to the pond.

The new step of infrastructure and superstructure works performed within the context of Green Campus İTÜ, a long-running and multi-stage project, will be for the renewal of the sewer line and the construction of the system that will collect rain water in the pond.

The infrastructure renewal work that will start on the road upside the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering on Monday, 16 March 2015, will pass the Pond Dormitories, Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, UHUZAM and İTÜ Stadium, continue on the lower road and end at the Etiler road connection point. It is targeted to finish the infrastructure work in 2 months.

Green Campus İTÜ: New Bicycle Routes and Accessible Sidewalks

The first stage of infrastructure works involves sewer line installation. In this way, infrastructure problems of the existing buildings along the line will also be completely solved. Following this work, construction of wide sidewalks and bicycle routes on both sides of the road will begin. Due to deep excavations to be made for infrastructure and superstructure works, the itinerary will be closed to traffic in stages. However, access to buildings on the line will not be blocked because of specified alternative itineraries.

Green Campus İTÜ: Rain Water to Pond

One of the most important results of the project is collection of rain water in the pond. According to this, rain water will be carried to the pond in two stages. First, rain water line will be installed together with the sewer line. Due to the line, it will be carried directly from the side of the Pond Dormitories. In the second stage, rain water will be accumulated at the cistern positioned at Etiler Road entrance, near İTÜ Stadium to be transferred to the pump chamber under the Pond and then pumped into the Pond.