New Directional Signs on the Roads of Maslak Campus

Jan 25, 2016, 09:39
With the renovations in the scope of “Design Project of Routing and Identification Systems and Shuttle Service Bus Departure Points”, conducted by the ITU faculty members, the general view of our Maslak campus has been gradually improving.

In the scope of the Project the directional signs have been renewed in a few locations on the campus, and the signs with vehicle traffic information have been placed for the first time in the history of ITU.

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülname Turan, Research Assistant Emrah Özturan and Research Assistant Koray Gelmez are supervising the project conducted in the scope of ITU Scientific Research Projects. Research Assistant A. Faik İyinam of the ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering has also been providing assistance in the project coordinated by the General Secretariat and ITU Directorate of Construction and Technical Works. The analysis of directional signs, the drawbacks in the previously used system and the new “directional, informational and identificational” approach put forward by the faculty members of the ITU Department of Industrial Product Design became the main factors fostering the work. The primary aims of the project include the improvement of the pedestrian and traffic conditions and installment of road signs on the campus.


“The corporate nature requires a multi-level approach in which many factors should be considered.”

“The design and planning of the road sign system used at the ITU campuses, including the main campus, was not unified and often caused confusion. So when we analysed the signs on the ITU historical buildings it turned out that some of them were not part of ITU identification system. The design of the insufficient signs giving incomplete information about the buildings had to be improved within the scope of the Project; moreover, most of the signs had to be relocated and their visual characteristics had to be improved. To implement all these ideas we used a person-centered approach combined with the unversal design principles, the green campus and sustainability criteria. During the Works we studied the people’s opnion and researched the application of the previous road sign system,” says the Rector Advisor Assoc. Prof. Gülname Turan while commenting on the project implementation.


The on-campus pedestrian and traffic circulation, the campus layout and the possible construction sites have been considered while installing the road signs system for vehicles and pedestrians. The regulation of the Turkish Standards Institution numbered TTS 12576 which include information on the Accessibiilty of the City Roads and the universal standards guide for persons with disabilities have been also used in the implementation of the project.

Upon completion of the pilot works the whole campus will be renovated in accordance with the new regulations which later on will be applied to all ITU campuses creating a unified traffic and identification system within one university.