New Touch Primarily for Pedestrians/Bicycle for Arı Gate Entrance Square!

Mar 18, 2016, 09:52
In the context of Green Campus, Arı Gate and entrance square on Ayazağa Campus are being re-designed primarily for pedestrian-bicycle use.

ari kapi meydan duzenlemesi_2

At the end of the Project, not only pedestrian zone perception will be strengthened but also the visibility and use of the Sundial will increase by using the axial continuity of Ord. Prof. Bedri Karafakioğlu Street junction more effectively.
The poplar trees on the campus have been seriously threatening the living because they fall down from time to time due to not having the features of city trees, not having a healthy root development subject to the general irrigation of landscape areas and having a short life span. The poplar trees living under stress on the walkway and near the Sundial will be moved to the habitat near Gölet Dormitories by using transplantation technique.

ari kapi meydan duzenlemesi_1

The preferences in the area regarding flooring, plantal material and lighting fixtures will emphasize the pedestrian priority, support our green campus approach and decrease the vehicles’ speed. Bicycle road will be extended towards the square and a new bicycle parking area will be built at the Arı Gate entrance.

ari kapi meydan duzenlemesi_3

Attributed to the 250th foundation year of ITU, the 250th year statue designed by Mehmet Erkök, Instructor from Faculty of Architecture, Industrial Design Department, will be placed in the area. Thus, it is aimed to have more esthetic, secure and pedestrian/bicycle identity on Arı Gate entrance square.
Within the Project, incomplete security measures at Arı Gate will be finalized.