Our Pool Was Renovated

May 14, 2015, 17:58
Our olympic swimming pool in Ayazağa Campus is back in service with better conditions as a result of the maintenance and repair work.

With the renovation that became mandatory for the pool to give better and healthier service due to the increasing number of users and volume of utilization at all hours of the day, many renewals, primarily in electricity, water and ventilation installations, have been made.

Compulsory shower

Automated compulsory shower system was added just before the foot bath at the entrance of the pool. Hygiene regulations became stricter with the system that will ensure that everyone who would like to go into the pool will automatically have a shower.

Locker rooms

Locker rooms and toilets of the pool building that wore out considerably over the years were also renovated and currently have a modern look and hygienic conditions. Walls that had moisture problem before the renovation were also maintained and covered with ceramic. The ventilation system was changed and the humid and hot air problem many pools have was solved.

The pool is closed all day on mondays to be cleaned. Robots are being used for cleaning the pool’s floor.