İKZ will accrue in collaboration with 47 Student Clubs

Dec 14, 2015, 15:29
Candidate clubs gave presentations to IKZ’16 participants in an election intended meeting about MAJOR WORK PACKS and CAMPUS HOSTINGS on 25.11.2015 and 02.12.2015. Participant clubs elected managers of major work pacts and campus hosts.

ogrenci kulupleri ile toplanti

One of the surprises of this year’s election was the consociation of the clubs for Faculty of Mining (Mineral Processing Engineering Club, Mining Engineering Club, Geological Engineering Club, Geophysics Engineering Club), Maçka Campus (Management Engineering Club, Industrial Engineering club) and Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical (Food Engineering Club, Chemical Engineering Club) and became candidate for Campus hostings in a cooperative spirit.

All clubs assigned through election took on responsibilities to fulfill all the necessary works in the scope of major work packs and campus hosting they are assigned and provide necessary help from participant clubs and establish coordination.

The final results about major work packs and campus hosting are given below. All other supportive events developed by clubs’ suggestions and will take place in IKZ will be determined by participant clubs in the meetings held in the following weeks.

High participation and cooperative spirit of the clubs prove that IKZ’16 will move forward having its title THE BIGGEST UNIVERSITY CAREER SUMMIT OF EUROSIA .