ITU Career Summit ’16 Starts

Feb 12, 2016, 20:48
The biggest university career event in Eurasia “ITU Career Summit 2016” organized by ITU Career Center is starting. IKZ which will be conducted with the theme “Touch the Talent” between February 22-25 2016 creates job and internship opportunities by bringing students together with strong brands from different sectors.

The main sponsor of the summit which will be carried out in 4 different campuses and 9 units of ITU is Vestel. İKZ, an effective communication channel between students and firms, provides brand representatives the opportunity to meet the best engineers in Turkey.

The opening ceremony of IKZ’16 will take place on Monday, February 22, 2016 in Ayazağa Campus, Süleyman Demirel Kültür Merkezi. After the opening speeches, silver bee will be presented to the first three firms that provided internship opportunities to ITU students the most in 2014-2015.

Students Take Active Roles

IKZ that manages to bring more students with more firms each year will be organized with the supports of 47 student clubs from different areas and Project teams this year. In the summit under the management of ITU Career Center, ITU students experience taking responsibility in a Professional environment and working with collaboration as they understand the importance of team work before they start their Professional lives. Also, club and team members who want to develop their own projects can apply these projects in IKZ and support the event. Thus, IKZ also provides an important opportunity for students to reveal their talents.

Participant firms “Touch the Talent”

Like previous years, The firms participating in İKZ’16 will organize various activities for the students they want to provide job and internship opportunities. During the summit that will last for four days, workshops, sample case studies, job and internship interviews will be carried out within the scope of “Touch the Talent” event.

Strong firms from many different sectors like automotive, energy, ready-made clothing, informatics, electronics, and transportation are participating the IKZ’16 summit that provides new perspectives and opportunities to students. Vestel is the main sponsorship of the summit and Arçelik, Çalık Energy, Emlak Konut GYO, Eczacıbaşı Topluluğ, Oyak Çimento, Siemens, Şişecam and TAI firms are also sponsoring the units.

Career Talent Management Seminar for IK Professionals

In today’s business medium where mobility and competition rapidly increases, it is a fact that institutions should have efficiently working system and a correct strategy to develop and guide the employees as well as to ensure their loyalty and harmony with the organization. In order to explore the right talent, employ, develop, keep within the organization and provide the continuity of talent management within the organization, there will be a “Career Talent Management Seminar” to help the participant firm representatives about up to date methods and tools.

Support for Professionals and Entrepreneurs from ITU

Firms owned by or having partners from ITU entrepreneurs and established in the last three years will be able to participate in the event free of charge. ITU Firms owners or IK Professionals can participate with ITU Member discount.

Support to R&D and Teknokent Firms

In order to encourage the meeting of our students with R&D firms where engineering students can put forward their competency in the most creative way, firms within Teknokent which is the home of innovation and R&D, can join the IK with 50% discount. Firms received R&D certificate from the Ministry can benefit from25 % discount.

Equality of Opportunity for KOBİs

IKZ by having 50% discount in participation fee for KOBİs that constitute 99% of the economy of the country creates an equality of opportunity in terms of reaching ITU students. 50% discount is applied in Taşkışla Campus for Architecture firms to reach the talent directly.