The Graduate Program in Career and Talent Management Started

Jun 8, 2016, 15:36
This program under the leadership of ITU aims to support the development of systems and methods appropriate for the needs of academic and business communities in our country by contributing to the education of the experts and academicians competent in the field of career and talent management that needs progress in our country.

Goals of the Program

To train graduates as practitioners and/or researchers who:
• are experts in the field of career and talent management, accepted in national and international business environments, preferred in managing positions;
• are able to interpret the career and talent management as a whole with their broad perspective and power of analyzing;
• are able to take an active role in an existing team or form and manage a team that will contribute to establishing career and talent management systems appropriate for the business life conditions of institutions and our country and developing the existing systems to make them ready for the competitive conditions;
• are able to come up with consistent and feasible solutions to the problems and use their time and related sources effectively;
• are able to correctly observe and analyze social and organizational dynamics, respect for ethical values and incorporate them into decision making process with a sense of social and professional responsibility and self-discipline.

Fields of Study: Career Management, Talent Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Economics


For detailed information about the application dates, please click here.

Admission Requirements
• A GPA of 2.50 (out of 4.00) or 65 (out of 100).
• A minimum of 65 from ALES (equally weighted) or (a minimum of 485 from GMAT; a minimum of 652 (or 152 from new scoring scale) from GRE (quantitative).
• One of the documents of English Language Proficiency that is accepted according to ITU Senate principles. For detailed information, please click here.
• The graduates of 4-year-undergraduate studies can apply for this program. There are no restrictions on any departments or programs. For detailed information about admission requirements in 2016-2017 Fall Term, please click here.

Documents Required
• 2 Reference Letters
• Statement of Purpose
• Transcript
• Document of ALES (or GMAT, GRE)
• Curriculum Vitae

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This program is comprised of 8 graduate courses (24 credits) and a thesis. Experienced and active domestic/ foreign managers in the sector will participate in the courses and implementations.

Required Courses: 4 courses, 12 credits
Career Management, Implementation Tools and Methods
Talent Management
Human Resources Law
Talent Development and Valuation Methods

Suggested Elective Courses: 4 courses, 12 credits
Information Management and Online Human Resources Systems
Employer Brand Management
Global Human Resources Management
Labor Market Policies and Actors
Transfer of International Career Theories and Practices
Admin. & Lead Manager Competencies
The Contemporary Actors of Music
Creative Thinking
Strategic Management
Research Methods
Decision Making Techniques
Conflict Management and Negotiation Techniques

Executive Committee
Assoc. Prof. Salim ATAY (Program Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Fuat ERDAL
Assoc. Prof. Mahmut KABAKÇI

Program Academic Board

Prof. Dr. Metin Orhan KAYA
Prof. Dr. Fuat ERDAL
Prof. Dr. Seçkin POLAT
Prof. Dr. Lütfihak ALPKAN
Assoc. Prof. Salim ATAY
Assoc. Prof. Ufuk CEBECİ
Assoc. Prof. Mahmut KABAKÇI
Assist. Prof. Christopher HANNUM
Assist. Prof. Gaye KARAÇAY AYDIN
Assist. Prof. Ozan BAYSAL
Assist. Prof. Ulaş BAYSAL
Lecturer Dr. Hüsnü Bülent CERİT

Assoc. Prof. Salim ATAY
Program Coordinator
Telephone: 0212 285 39 01