İTÜ’s  primary goals are to be a leading and model research university,  to attach more priority to research as one of the components of research and application.  As a necessity of this condition, on the one hand the infrastructure is being developed in accordance with research activities and on the other hand the contributions made to research projects being increased. On the purpose of boosting the research potential, multiple support programs are being run. In this context, some of the studies that have been put into practice such:

  • Scientific Research and Development Support Program
  • Young Researcher Support Program
  • Support Program for Research on Industry
  • Infrastructure Support Program for Scientific Research and Development
  • Multidisciplinary Research Support Program
  • Research Support Programs for Defense Industry
  • International Cooperation Support Program
  • Projects of International Research Support Program
  • Education and Teaching Quality Improvement Program
  • Graduate Thesis Support Program
  • DTP Supported Research Projects

At İTÜ a great number of research projects at both national and international levels supported by foundations such as TÜBİTAK, DPT, TTGV, MED-CAMPUS, UNDP, EUREKA and so on are being carried out.