International Student Satisfaction Awards
Dec 01, 2014

The results of the 2014 International Student Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Study Portals with foreign students were announced. İTÜ fell into the category of "Excellent University", with 9 points above 10.

The results Study Portals’s satisfaction survey based on student's reviews and opinons  were declared. At ranking, universities which received  9.5 points at least out of 10 categorized as outstanding, universities with  9 points as excellent, with  8 points as very good . 6 universities from Turkey were ranked under these three categories  İTÜ was ranked as "Excellent University" with 9 points  out of 10.  There was no other university ranked under the same category. Boğaziçi, Anadolu ve İstanbul Şehir Universities were ranked as "Outstanding University"  with 9.5, as for ODTÜ ve Bilkent Universities, they were ranked  as "Very Good" with 8 points.

This conclusion came from this study that incorporated 16,427 comments made by 6,923 students on the student exchange platform 

The four factors with most influence on the student satisfaction were:

1. City atmosphere, looks and size;
2. Subject;
3. Teachers; and,
4. International atmosphere