Dec 12, 2014

İTÜ (GINOVA) Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, initiated a new programme in order to improve entrepreneurial skills of students to find technological solutions to difficult problems. Successful entrepreneurs of “Çetin Ceviz Startup Camp” will get a chance to earn 150 thousand dollars investment support.

İTÜ takes a step further which will strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovator identity of university. Within the new project launched by İTÜ GINOVA, “Çetin Ceviz Startup Camp” will be organized. Çetin Ceviz will provide to make a team consisting of 2-3 people  and of which one of these members is a student at İTÜ (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate) It will enable these teams to develop solutions for the problems that they determined/found. 

The process will start with the seminar which will be given on Monday, December 15 and will consist of  5 stages in total.

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Setting Off: The seminar will be held on Monday, 15 December at GİNOVA between the hours 6.00 p.m.-9.00 p.m. The goal is to orientate İTÜ’s students and team-mates to participate in the  world of entrepreneurship by solving a technical problem. At the end of the seminar, reading assignments to expand horizons prepared by an attentive synthesis will be distributed to reshape the thinking process.

Preselection: Teams are needed to apply until  January 23, 2015. Applications will be evaluated in three categories  such as " harmony of problem-solution, innovative approach,  potential of realizability of solutions".

Çetin Ceviz Team Workshop: Half-day workshop will be held at İTÜ GINOVA for the teams which succeed in preselection. With this study for teams, it is intended to concretize their feature of being a team and to strengthen the ones which are working earnestly. At the end of the team workshop, 8 teams which can be candidate for YCombinator will be selected.

Çetin Ceviz Startup Camp: The objective of the camp to be held on February 14-15, February 21-22, February 24-25, March 7-8, 2015, is to provide participation of the teams in summer programmes  with YCombinator which are capable of competing with olympic runners of the enterprise world, being trained of high performance  and being funded.  

Selected 8 teams, co-founder of String Ventures Emrah Yalaz, Can Saracoğlu and support teams will spend the month of February with the same project activities. During  3 weekends and 2 weekdays, teams will work intensively to productize their projects throughout evenings.

Demo and Investement Day:  With the elemination to be held on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 between the hours  6.00 p.m.-9.00 p.m, 150 thousand dollars investment and  support for preparation to YCombinator application in March 2015 will be ensured for selected team or teams.

What is YCombinator?

YCombinator is an accelerator programme founded in 2005 in San Fransisco. It has been chosen as the most powerful accelerator programme in 2012 by Forbes magazine. Click for more information. 

What does the accelerator do?

In exchange for one to one support, mentoring and training and  a specific share, accelerator programmes enable projects to transform into companies.Through successful attemps that YCombinator made in recent years, it has achieved a great success in enterprise world. Reddit, Dropbox, AirBnB, Stripe ve Scribd are some of the major companies which were included in YCombinator.


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